• The Deck of Daddy Things

The Deck of Daddy Things

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Looking to inject some chaos into your tabletop game? Enter: The Deck of Daddy Things!

From the creators of Dungeons and Daddies comes a 5e-compatible item guaranteed to derail your campaign!

In addition to including 22 beautifully rendered versions of the classic Deck of Many Things cards, this box includes 22 all-new, all-rowdy, all-system-compatible cards written by the cast of the hit podcast Dungeons and Daddies. 

One card might spontaneously turn a thrill-seeking barbarian into a soft-hearted dad; another might grant the party a brand new minivan with which they can traverse dangerous terrain and vehicularly manslaughter goblins. (Good luck finding a way to refuel it, though.)

Find these cards, and many more, inside... The Deck of Daddy Things!


- 44 Tarot sized cards with original art by Kat Curwin
- 22 cards representing items from the original Deck of Many Things
- 22 additional "Daddy" themed cards - mix and match potential outcomes - the choice is yours!
- Gameplay booklet describing the effects of each of the cards.
- Made in the USA