• Metal D20 shaped silver bottle opener. Black inlay. Dungeons and Daddies logo printed on the back in dark red.
  • bottle opener next to a quarter to show it is about the size of 9 quarters.
  • Bottle opener face down on a desk showing the Dungeons & Daddies logo.
  • Bottle opener face up on a wooden desk.
  • Bottle opener on top of a pile of gold coins to show the silvery shine of the metal alloy the bottle opener is made of.
  • Artistic representation of the bottle opener with gold shimmer and water splashing around in on a black background.

Dungeons & Daddies Bottle Opener

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There are a few key components to every TTRPG player's arsenal, and this custom metal D20 bottle opener is one of them. This unique opener measures 3.2" in diameter and is made from durable zinc alloy, so you'll be cracking open cold fresh brews for yourself and your teammates from this campaign to the next.