• Black Dice holder with Dungeons & Daddies logo, tagline: Not a BDSM Podcast and the title of the Dice Set. Pirate themed set up with gold dice and Honda Odyssey white d20. Gold coins are also on the table with a wooden beer stein overflowing with foam behind them.

Dice Set: The Odyssey Experience

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Experience for the first time the OFFICIAL Dungeons and Daddies Odyssey Dice Experience! (Note: Experience is just a buncha dice).

This ain't your grandpa's plastic dice - these ones are made of metal! The set comes with the standard 7 D&D gold (with a hint of purple) zinc dice (D4, D6, D8, 2x D10, D12, D20) and a bonus oversize 22mm Odyssey-San D20 finished in a white pearlescent finish just like the actual Honda Odyssey might! The whole thing is packed into a custom carrying tin with foam insert. And just in case you forget which dice is which, you can always refer to Anthony's patent-pending "How to ID Your D" dice identification system on the back.