• Cover image that looks like the front of a kids bop CD. The background is a blue geometric burst with "NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL DADDIES" in orange with purple shadow in the center. It says PATREON SAMPLER VOL. 1 in light purple on the bottom.

Now That's What I Call Daddies Vol. 1 (Digital Download)

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Sample some of the bonus content available on our Patreon! This is just a small taste of the past few years of Patreon content:

Honey Heist - A Grant Howitt one-shot where we play bears. Crime bears.!

Talking Dad - Oops All Questions! - A listener-question only episode of our aftershow, recorded at the end of 2020.

S1E44 - Deck Picks - One of the fan favorite episodes, and get some insight into the edit and the raw recording process (in the midst of the pandemic!) Notes are also included as a PDF.

Painting Party - Matt does his bestest to get Anthony, Beth, and Freddie up to snuff on miniature painting!

Debate Me, Coward! - Ep. 1 - Pepperoni Does Not Belong on Pizza - The spicy debate podcast that started it all - Matt and Freddie vigorously debate the place of pepperoni on pizza.

The Entourage One Shot - What if Radiolab the Dragon slayed all the dads? This. (You'll want to be at like S1E48 for this one)

And if you're thirsty for more, you know where to find it! Patreon.com/dungeonsanddads