• Art deco style border on orange image. Right to left: A woman is shocked, a man behind her downs a martini, a man wields a gun, front & center a man ponders his thoughts, behind him a woman adjusts her glasses with one hand & holds a potato in the other, a fortune teller next to her looks annoyed, & a bearded man covers a llamas eyes behind them. A blimp looms in the center background & a twisted hand sits in the foreground above the title. A diamond sits in each bottom corner of the illustration.

Dad Then There Were None (Digital Download)

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The year is 1935 and an eclectic group of guests is boarding an airship in London on a midnight voyage where, unbeknownst to most of them, there will be a MURDER. Will they find the killer before the blimp touches down in Greece? Or will they get away without a trace? Join us for a three part murder mystery mini-series featuring special guests Amanda Schuckman, Riley Rose Critchlow, and Elyse Willems!

This digital download includes 128 kbps MP3 files of all three chapters of Dad Then There Were None, the cover art by Alex Moore, and a pdf of the map created by Anthony for the series.

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