• Five stickers. Sticker 1: Red rectangle with the word "Stampler" written on it in white. Sticker 2: An illustrated unpeeled banana smiling. Sticker 3: A log being cut that says "Measure Once, CUT TWICE". Sticker 4: A blue square with groovy border that says "DADS Don't Do Other Dads Dirty" and a white Honda Odyssey in the lower right corner. Sticker 5: An illustrated phone ringing and the caller ID says SCAM LIKELY in yellow.

Dungeons & Daddies Sticker Pack - Volume 1

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Slap these podcast inside jokes on any hard, clean, dry surface and disturb friends and family alike with our first sticker pack!

Includes one each of the following

  • "Stampler" (7.5" x 2.5" bumper sticker designed by, let's be frank, Barbara Kruger)
  • "Scam Likely" (2.4" x 3" designed by Kat Curwin)
  • "Measure Once, Cut Twice" (3" x 2.68" designed by Kat Curwin)
  • "Ba-nay-nay" (1.58" x 3" designed by Nicole Milan)
  • "Dads Don't Do Other Dads Dirty" (3" x 2.93" designed by J.P. Coovert)